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    My name is Janine De Lorenzo.

    I am a pianist and composer.
    This is the space, where I share with you, my solo piano works from the world of music I walk in every day.

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    I am glad you are here.

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    To come and take a walk with me through my world of music.

Anything that wasn't classical... was jazz.

Although I was classically trained I always enjoyed exploring at the piano, creating my own music, which I never thought had any merit at all. According to Margriet, my piano teacher, anything that wasn’t classical... was ‘jazz’. She had no tolerance for ‘jazz’. When I was 16 she asked me what I wanted to do with my life. I replied that I’d like to play my music, the music I created... which was neither classical, nor jazz! Her response was (in a Dutch accent), “Vell, vot do you sink you’re going to do, play jazz in a vine bar for the rest of your life?”

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